Gageleer Sour White No Hops

Is a wheat-like beer. Although high fermentation it has a low alcohol percentage for a Belgian of 4,3%. BOG Myrtle (sweet gale, Myrica Gale in Latin) is used in stead of hops for adjusting taste and conserving the beer. This beer is very refreshing and the perfect thirst quencher on a summer’s day. One can not compare this white beer to other typical Belgian whites. Lactic fermentation gives it a surprising taste mélange of sourish, fruity and herbal experiences. There are no other herbs used besides Bog Myrtle. You go back to a true medieval tasting experience, the taste of beer before hops were introduced in the low countries hundreds of years ago.  This beer also gives proof that you do not need hops to make nice beer. A new trend in our beerworld learns us that consumers are open to try tastes of our past, and leave the hop idea behind.